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I made a video How to Find Alumni On Linkedin? – How to reach out to Alumni on Linkedin? Tutorial The LinkedIn Profile Hacks for Job Seekers that Helped Me Find My First Jobs Before I started Evaboot, I was working a – job. I used the following hacks to find a job and start my career in the tech industry. . Get certified Getting certifications is one of the easiest ways to prove to employers that you can add value to their organization. Your LinkedIn profile is your new CV.

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Including licenses and skills, in your profile. Doing Betting Email List so increases your chances of landing your next interviews and, ultimately, a job. . Use LinkedIn profile badges Use “open to work” if you’re looking for a job LinkedIn has many badges you can use to improve the visibility of your profile. One such for job seekers is the “Open to Work” badge. Use this if you’re actively looking for your next role. Click on your profile picture. Choose “View Profile.

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Locate your introduction card and Austria Phone Number click the “Open to” button. Select “Finding a new job” linkedin open to work profile badge setup Fill in the requested information. Decide who can see that you’re open to opportunities—choose between all LinkedIn members or only recruiters. If you’re currently employed, it’s recommended to not use this feature. However, if you’re unemployed, select the visibility option that suits you best. Other badges include skills assessment badges. You earn these by completing short -question multiple-choice quizzes. They’re a great way of showing recruiters you’re serious about your job and improving your skills. that shows recruiters how to search for people looking for jobs on LinkedIn.

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