Get people hooked right away with the PAS intro formula

People have short attention spans. You need to hook them right away or they’ll leave. Here’s a great intro formula you can use to combat against this: Use the PAS intro formula to write more compelling intros First, describe the problem: Example “problem” in the PAS formula Second, agitate the problem: Example “agitation” in the PAS formula Finally, reveal the solution: Example “solution” in the PAS formula Just like that, we’ve shown that we understand the problem, know why it’s so frustrating, and can provide a solution. Cut fluff and jargon to make your content more accessible and shareable Did you know that 54% of Americans read below the equivalent of a sixth.

Help people grasp important concepts with examples

Examples help drive points home. That’s why we frequently use them in our content. How frequently? According to Ahrefs’ Site Audit, there are ~520 mentions of “for example” across our blog posts: How often we use examples on our blog For example (sorry, I had to do it!): Example of us showing an example on the blog This comes from our post about the differences Office 365 Email List between SEO and SEM. Perhaps it’s just because I’m a visual learner, but I don’t think this clicks in the same way for me without the example. So I think this is a simple but underutilized way to level up your content writing.

Boost credibility by backing up claims with sources and statistics

Both of these statements are true: Most content gets no organic traffic from Google. f content gets no traffic from Google. But which statement Agent Email List do you think seems more credible? For me, it’s the second one because it quotes a specific number (90.63%). This doesn’t mean you should shoehorn statistics into content for the sake of it. That’s an annoying content trend that needs to die. But you should absolutely use them to help lend credibility to your arguments and points. Plus, a nice bonus of including statistics is that they can earn you backlinks. For example, according to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, our guest blogging guide earned 23 backlinks because of a stat we quoted in the post:

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