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Readable text. The ratio of text to image does not exce . It is not possible to place candid or frightening images as well as alcohol and tobacco products on photos or videos. Use of competitors’ logos is prohibit. By the way if you want to better understand the preferences of your target audience the analytics on will be useful to you. With the help of  you can analyze any account research advanc statistics. Sites Groups and Apps Requirements  or app must match the ad. Ads are not allow on non-compliant sites All prohibit topics are list in the help. Sites with rirects will not be review. Substitution of page content after review.

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Will result in a fine of up to RUB.  categories Slovenia Phone Number List if the following conditions are met Ads for pharmaceuticals mical devices mical devices baby food and dietary supplements must include a disclaimer. If you use music or images objects of intellectual property rights in your advertisements you must confirm the right to use them. Ads featuring famous figures and personalities will not be review unless you have permission to use them. Page Requirements for Advertising Some ad formats are plac on behalf of a community page or session. This applies to formats like generic entries carousels record via buttons collection requests etc. Auditing not only checks the website and ads but also the pages where the ads are plac.

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Communities must also be  of cafes and Agent Email List restaurants which are often advertis in question do not mention alcohol in posts but there is a photo of them wearing glasses in a post on the wall. For review purposes this is the reason for rejecting the ad. A community or meeting must have at least three posts. Requires an avatar and brief information about the page. If you have a free community but want to use target ads on Facebook make simple posts there are no strict requirements for them. It is enough to copy information from the website for.

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