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Find emails to find You can see that this is an easy and efficient way to quickly identify the right buyer personaes inside ICP companies. Once you are happy with a search you can even save it and and Linkedin will show you new leads matching your search criterias every week. prospect list building autopilot Great. You know have a list of qualified prospects. The next step Export the data with a Linkedin scraping tool.  Export prospects with Evaboot To export your leads from.

Linkedin Sales Navigator to  Find emails to find

CSV file you can use the Evaboot Marketing Directors Email List Chrome Extension. You can see a demo of the tool here How To Export Leads From Linkedin Sales Navigator To Excel Export Lists From Sales Navigator Export Sales Navigator leads for free Once installed the chrome extension will add a new button on your Sales Navigator. export sales prospecting lists csv file This button will allow you to export up to leads per day from Linkedin Sales Navigator with all the data on their profiles on company pages Linkedin Profile URL Job title Job description.

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Evaboot will also verify

Company Website Company LinkedIn Honduras WhatsApp Number URL First name Last name Lead Location Company Location Company Industry Company Size Exact number of employees in the company Years in position Number of connections and more Evaboot will also clean the data emojis uppercases typos detect false positives in your search results. prospecting list cleaning evaboot . Find your prospects emails Once you exported your lead list into a CSV file you can click on the professional emails of your prospects. find emails sales prospecting list these emails so you are sure to control your bounce rate and protect your email reputation. Here is what the file will look like email

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