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More than half of the audience   are women. Contrary to the idea that only schoolchildren use it the age group is leading the way. shows million users from Russia MM YY. Among these users are 10000 men and 10000 women. Select Audience from Ad Account Odno Krasniki Audience has a monthly audience of 10000 users in Russia. Thousands of users visit the social network every day. On average users spend minutes per day on Facebook. This social network is female-dominat users of are female. Adult audiences are more active especially in the age group. The age group users on the website are the least. Advertising accounts.

Audience Data Advertising Accounts

In the audience data system of social networks Morocco Phone Number List show a reach of 10000 people Audiences by advertising in Russia The social network continues to gain popularity in Russia. Thousands of users use it every month. Millions of people visit social networks every day. Users spend an average of minutes per day on Facebook. At the same time the number of monthly active users has been growing in recent months reaching 10000 monthly users.  Ads account shows a reach of 10000 people months and years when selecting placements and settings for residents of Russia over the age of 10 you cannot target younger audiences.

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The Russia Audience Dynamic

Select the audience from the ad account  visit Agent Email List at least once a month. Tens of thousands of users open the social network every day. Audience DataAd Accounts Show Russian Residents Age and OverCoverage Thousands of People Year Month Selecting Audiences from Ad AccountsHelpful Relat Articles 10 Basic Facts You Ne to Know About Useful Figures Marketers Should Know About and facts How to portray your target audience What works Effective ways to grow your social mia presence. What is rirection in social networks and the.

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