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Finding lookalike audiences. Click Audiences then click Actions to find similar audiences. Then set the parameters geographical location only countries and regions can be specifi and similarity. The higher the similarity percentage ¬† the better the base but the smaller its size. A testing ground for activities with varying degrees of participation. Don’t forget to set intervals for different audiences e.g. similarity similarity to. Lookalike audience by narrowing your audience and excluding unnecessary cross-interests.

Audience Tips Find your target

For example choose people who like to travel Peru Phone Number List and read art books or parents of children who are also interest in sports and a healthy lifestyle behavioral targeting on . Also certain market segments can be exclud for example vegetarians when advertising a meat-eating restaurant or marri people when advertising wding services  an audience. Audience Narrowing & Exclusion Tool for more precise targeting Analyzing Ads A Creative Performance report is available Go to the Account Overview tab in the Ads Dashboard then go to the Ad Performance report. All versions of your ad are collect here even those that have been modifi during the campaign. Compare the results to find the best images and text to.

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To do this click Narrow or

Position on Easy Ways to Analyze Advertising Agent Email List Performance To better understand your target audience it’s important to use advanc analytics data. The service will help you to perform an extend analysis of your own and other people’s pages on this social network and on other social networks. Optimizing your campaigns to increase conversions simplifies your task by selecting users who are ready to become your customers. Set an event in the rirect pixel. To do this no developer involvement is requir and the achievement of many goals can be track via . Then set up a campaign with a conversion.

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