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Every time they find Webflow on the website to detect double checking technology filter sales navigator You want to target companies based on which technology they used? It is much better to use services that have been built especially for that, like Wappalyzer or BuiltWith. You can see the process un details in the rd part of this video How to Find E-Commerce Clients on Linkedin? Find E-Commerce Store Owners with Sales Navigator This example is about finding ecommerce business using.

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Apply this technique to any technology. . Spotlight Filters Interior Designers Email List accounts Spotlights filters on Sales Navigator: Hiring on Linkedin Recent activities Connection . Hiring on Linkedin This filter is also a good way to detect if a company is growing. If a company is hiring, it means that it’s in a good health and can have the budget to pay you. job opportunity filter This filter will show you all the companies that have at least of job offer posted on Linkedin Jobs. . Recent Activities The arrival of new senior executive in a company is a great timing to propose your product or your service.

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Implement their ideas and Georgia Phone Number try new things. leadership changes filter With this filter, you can easily identify which companies have see recent changes in their top management and even identify the decision maker who just arrived. recent leadership change search filter When a company raises fund, it means it’s about to burn cash. Better burning cash on your product or service? funding event filter Linkedin identify companies raising funds by scanning the web. an article talking about a fundraising, they add it into the list and give you the link to the article.

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