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How to get verifi onĀ  All you ne to know about social sharing: Getting verifi on Facebook is every author’s dream.e that you have a big official channel. Also verification is one of the good unofficial ways to promote your channel and part of your marketing campaign as it increases user loyalty to you as an author and offers multiple benefits: Your channel will get tick and Will stand out from other users in searches and comments Viewers can trust you and your content and are less likely to get confus with fakes and scammers A verifi account means your channel is not breaking the rules is active and the information is fill up.

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Subscription is essential for some viewers that unlike account verification verification is not a reward and does not officially grant any privileges. Badge and Account Verification Verifi accounts are channels that have pass initial verification not bots. In Indonesia Phone Number List order to verify your account you will ne to enter your phone number and enter a code via text message or phone call. After confirmation you will receive: Upload a video longer than one minute Add a custom icon to a video Live broadcast Appeal a claim protect your copyright One phone number can only confirm up to two channels per year.

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Verification is the channel authenticity Agent Email List icon we talk about earlier. Once your account is verifi a checkmark icon will appear next to the channel name. There is also a separate verification for music artists. We’ll talk about that later. Verification Rules and Requirements In order to verify your channel you ne to meet certain requirements before you can submit your application for consideration. Requirements for applying for verification: More than 1 follower real account. The channel must be own by an existing creator public figure or brand. To check this several.

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