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That Aiming to unite users they have a built-in set of broadcasting tools that notify users that broadcasts are starting and also promote broadcasts in tabs. There are two types of live broadcasting mobile phone live broadcasting and computer live broadcasting. For mobile broadcasting onĀ  you only ne the app itself for broadcasting from your computer a dicat broadcasting program eg. Consider two options for online broadcasting on . host live broadcasts on behalf of yourself and the communities you manage.

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There are two ways to create a broadcast Via Argentina Phone Number List the newsfe open the story camera in the newsfe and select the live format below you can set up the liveĀ  in the upper right corner. If you ne to change the author of the broadcast click on the avatar and select the desir page or group. From the profile wall find the form to create a new publication and click the camera icon to choose the live format. The page you enter the broadcast on will become the author of the broadcast. All details of the live broadcast are configurable via the gear button choose who can join the broadcast and comment save the broadcast only in story hours or also on the wall. Once the broadcast has start you cannot change the settings. After the broadcast you can see the statistics.

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Broadcast through the gear button

This method of streaming live online is ne Agent Email List extra programs or equipment just a smartphone. Broadcasting a web version live from your computer is useful for webinars online courses and presentations. To set up this type of broadcast choose the Video tab then Broadcast. In the window that opens select. One-time Key if you want to configure the broadcast in as much detail as possible or Permanent Key if you ne to make the same broadcast several times on a regular basis. Next in the one-time key window enter a broadcast name and select a category click Save. After that in the window of the live.

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