Collect data on your channel

You to evaluate channel activity on a specific topic select multiple channels with overlapping topics analyze statistics on subscriber  period. Metrics provid by the channel service number of subscribers activity today yesterday week and month views per post  audience distribution by gender cost of advertising posts retweets and mentions in social networks quantity. Channel Search Panel and Channel Watch Motion Graph Example Which bots can help with statistics In addition to services you can often use special robots.

Growth or outflow over a specific

To handle statistics and analysis in .  same name that provides quick access to analytics on the messenger itself if you don’t ne large-scale analysis of your audience and competition but ne to quickly aggregate data about your development on your Azerbaijan Phone Number List Telegram channel. You can analyze a channel an article or a publication. To analyze a channel it nes to be add to the database to analyze a single publication of any channel you don’t ne to be an admin just send the post to the bot via message. Also the bot doesn’t ne to be add to a channel admin to collect data. An example of a specific publication being analyz by a robot is from.

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A bot from the service of the

A bot for the service that helps  and analyze Agent Email List audience intersection with other channels. When analyzing this bot it is necessary to add it to administrators and give permission to designate other users as administrators. Therefore when using such tools be careful and disconnect such bots if necessary from the channel. Show activity for subscribers channel mentions and . A bot design to analyze and record group chat activity. It can be us both for administration and just to collect data on user activity in chats for example peak activity times for each participant.

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