Create a Blog on WordPress It’s Not That Difficult

As you can see, starting a blog based on WordPress does not have to be particularly difficult. Now you know how to start a blog in WordPress . You can use easy-to-use application installers, set up a website on a free platform, or use the manual installation option.

This last solution may be the most difficult to implement, but even without experience you should be able to handle it. If you have any doubts, you can always ask support for help with installation. It is very likely that they will install the website according to your recommendations.

Setting friendly URLs is an integral part of SEO, but it also involves setting up redirects. If you’ve changed your link structure, you need to make sure your users are going to the right place.

Create a Blog on how to start a blog in WordPress

You also need to select the appropriate ccTLD domain or hreflang attributes and perform positioning for browsers other than Google. Therefore, it is worth using the help of iCEA agency employees.

The expenditure that must be incurred in this connection will pay off relatively Ws Number List quickly in the form of reaching many new recipients and increasing the level of sales.

Find the folder where the website files are saved on your device, and then copy them to the directory where you want to install the website. Create a Blog on Most often, this will be the path domains If you have any doubts, ask the administrator. Copy all files to the server.

Find the Folder Where the Website Files Are Saved

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Then open the website you copied the files for in your browser. Create a Blog on The installer will then start automatically. You need Agent Email List to provide database details, administrator details, page title and that’s it.

Finally, start the installation and after a while the CMS will be ready. In this case, you also need to fill the page with data, but also select appropriate plugins, change the theme, and develop the menu structure. In short – you will have to personalize the website.

Use specialized tools
There are several effective and useful tools that can help you identify the best long tail keywords.

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