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The ad will not be shown. So in order to monetize your video you ne to monitor its content and not violate monetization rules. Partner Program There are many organizations in the market that can provide users with partner agreements.  they already take. In return they promise to help with promotion training technical support and make life easier for novice content creators. It is not possible to definitively say whether it is worth connecting to an affiliate network. There are many positive and negative reviews online. Some said the affiliates just took the money and did nothing while others felt they wouldn’t be able to promote.

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Their channel without her help. In fact working UK Phone Number List conditions and quality of a particular affiliate program so it is very important to study reviews carefully before signing a contract. When money is paid to advertisers to place pre-roll ads through ad networks it is up to them to decide which ads to show and to whom. In order for a blogger to be reward the viewer must watch the ad to the end or at least a second if the ad is long.  paid by the advertiser remains with them. For subscrib viewers the service will not display ads. As compensation creators are paid for each video a subscriber watches.

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If an ad is block in a country it. Is not Agent Email List compensat in any way so you can choose the correct target audience. Criteria To be eligible for revenue generation you must meet the following criteria: You must have an account and be part of the Partners program. The rules this channel must follow including rules about content copyright and comments. The channel must have at least 1 subscriber with at least 4 hours of watch.

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