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Prototypes for drawing portraits of your target audience paying a small fee like discount coupons to interview them or make portraits bas on existing data excluding confidential information photos real names of course. Target Audience Type Main target audience primary target audience is the highest priority. These are the people who make the purchasing decisions. An indirect secondary target audience   is involv in a purchase but not its initiator. For example children are the main target audience for toy stores.  will pay for the purchase. How to Identify Your Target Audience You ne a lot of information about your.

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Customers We suspect at this point you’re Czech Republic Phone Number List already worrying about where to get it Market Research The most resource-intensive but also the most effective method of gathering data on your target audience is marketing research. the participation of research institutions Expensive and serious. But you can do it yourself then there are two tools for you Online surveys Send a survey conveniently in a form to your subscriber or buyer base with questions that interest you. As an incentive a small discount is offer to those who pass. Interviewing audience representatives In-depth interviews with individual customers are more.

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Difficult than questionnaires but can allow you to discover unexpect insights and questions that you would not have anticipat in the questionnaire. You can conduct interviews online by schuling several minute calls with a list of questions ahead Agent Email List of time. To motivate customers discounts or bonuses are also appropriate. can be obtain on your website Analytics system collects information about users and creates convenient reports from them. Admittly this information is not correct but it is a good option when creating a persona of your target audience if you have not had the opportunity to do your research. For example collect.

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