How to enter my Facebook without a password

Facebook At the top right of the Facebook home page you will see two fields to fill out. In a field , type your email address (the email address you used to create your. Facebook account).Or mobile phone number. Have you forgotten your account information?” “ below the password field. The process to recover your Facebook account password is simple, by adding your email or phone number. Will receive the information to recover your Facebook account. Just follow the steps they recommend.  The follow these steps: 1st Step download the Facebook app Go to your App Store (iOS or Android). And download the Facebook application . With this application you can log in to Facebook without having to use the web browser.

How to the application

If you do not want to AT&T Email List use the app, you can access your Facebook account from the browser of your mobile device by visiting the Facebook page. version, although it is not its best version. 2nd Step to open Facebook from the app With the app downloaded. The home screen of your mobile device and touch it to open it . 3rd Step to enter. Facebook from the application In this step, you have to enter your data as you did to start the web session on your computer. That is, you enter your email address or telephone number and password . The first time you access the app. 

Stay connected

Facebook to create a personal account Agent Email List and be able to log in without problems. Here you can see how to create a Facebook account in 4 steps . From the moment your account is correctly created. Will be able to log in to Facebook normally on a computer or mobile device, from anywhere in the world. In this article we are going to see. How to log in to this social network from a mobile device or a computer in several possible ways. And an observation. Knowing how to enter Facebook without my password is not difficult. But there are many people. Who are not involved in social networks and do not know it and I hope this post will be helpful to them. 

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