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Easy to use and easy to use.  moment is the understandability and friendliness of the interface with which you learn to analyze. The better the data is visualiz the easier it is to go to the analysis part and look at it and the easier it is to work further. What data does internal analysis show The first method we wrote above is internal analysis. Statistics for your profile will only be available if you convert your page to the professional account format. At the same time this option is suitable for corporate blogs such as the official page of the brand as well as personal blogs if you plan to develop into a blogger.

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You can switch from your smartphone Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List app. First you will be prompt to select the appropriate category which will appear on your profile at the top of your profile you can also switch categories or disable their display on your profile at any time. In the next step select the Business option if you run the page for a business or the Author option if you are a blogger and content creator yourself Artist Artist Musician Expert Writer. How to view internal analytics on  connect to a Pro account How to switch to a Pro account Right-click menu settings button. Next we will analyze the various parts of the internal statistics in detail.

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It’s worth noting that the stats section  additional metrics some of which are still in development. You can also choose a convenient period for which Agent Email List you want to analyze. How can I check what the Analytics Statistics tab looks like in the app Statistical Overview Section This section starts with a short summary comparing to the previous period and then provides a tab where you can view analytics data in more detail Covering Accounts all unique accounts engag accounts accounts that interact with your account total followers data about your followers. Coverage In this tab you can see the total number of accounts cover; the number of accounts divid by the page’s followers and non-followers; audience demographics not available if fewer than.

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