Performance 2020 or Moonwalk by Warren Knight

What an ideal PPC specialist should look like, what is the future of performance advertising, but also how to properly “dance” the moonwalk, I learned all this at the first year of the performance marketing conference Performance 2020. My arrival at the conference was traditionally hectic, I did not map the surroundings sufficiently. Fortunately, Petr […]

Reliability above all else

The German customer does not like e-shops that seem untrustworthy to him. Germans are risk-averse and in many ways they are still somewhat conservative. Acquiring a German customer is not cheap , so it is worthwhile to build high-quality customer service, while a native speaker should be a matter of course. However, if you impress […]

Beware of lies

Come up with interesting stories, arouse emotions, educate the reader, interest and surprise him. But never lie. You don’t need it. It will backfire on you because lies have short legs. You don’t want bad publicity . Beware of lies For example, the company Danone paid a fine of 21 million dollars in the US […]

Pocket Manual: Write Articles Like a Copywriter

At , we’ve been putting words into sentences for some time now. In this pocket manual, we will teach you how to write quality articles that no copywriter would be ashamed of. You got a topic on the table. What now? Start with a search . The topic you are writing about may not be […]

German online agencies – free download list

Are you interested in German online agencies? Would you like to know more about them? We offer you a complete list of German online agencies to download, absolutely free! When expanding into the German online market, you will inevitably have to ask yourself one key question. This is whether to choose a domestic (Czech/Slovak) or […]

What tools will come in handy for international SEO?

Optimizing a website for a foreign market has its own rules, just like optimizing pages for the Czech or Slovak market. What will you solve as part of on a foreign domain? 1. What tools will  Choosing a domain, or choosing a URL form For the URL, you can choose from several possible solutions: a) […]

Why does nobody want to do international SEO?

Clouds of technical problems that result from your chosen solution. SEO priorities often come into conflict with the business plan . After all, international SEO is quite an expensive game, into which you have to pour a lot of money. Why does nobody So if the client imagines that the website will just switch to […]

Do not exceed the limits of Instagram activities

Instagram allows you to give away around 150 likes, 60 comments and 60 followers per hour. If you exceed the limits, the given activity is blocked for a certain number of hours. You can do such a number of activities in an hour only . Do not exceed the If you have really fast fingers, […]

How to prevent Shadowban?

The social network is becoming more and more popular. Companies and private individuals strive for a constant increase in . The number of followers, for which they often use practices that violate the rules.  How to prevent Are your posts getting low reach? Maybe applies to you too. What is and how do I know […]

Typos are not mistakes, but they are just as bad

Typos are a separate chapter in a book called how to ruin the potential of web content. They do not convict of ignorance, but of negligence . Choose which is worse. Checking content ready for publication should be a . Matter of course, even if we are trading in the horticultural segment, as far as […]