The type of project or store

You must always study the market and its variables, and develop the marketing plan to suit the market variables and requirements. Is the online store’s marketing plan different from any other project? The marketing plan for any project does not differ from another, except for the target audience for each project’s products, the objectives of […]

This is the case of PIX, which has already become the preferred

In 2022, there were 24 billion transactions through this method, moving 10.9 trillion reais. That’s more than credit cards (18.2 billion transactions) or debit cards (15.6 billion transactions). Of course, many of these PIX are made through banking and person-to-person applications. But many are payments for products/services in commerce. With this in mind, several acquirers […]

Local SEO: How to do it right?

Abroad, local SEO is a big topic, in the Czech Republic it is an unfairly neglected part of the field. However, if you do well, your conversions can increase by tens of percent. What should you pay attention to when optimizing it?  focuses on search results that are dependent or relevant to the location (locality) […]

Phone Number Marked as Spam

In today’s digital era, communication via phone calls remains an integral part of our daily lives. However, the rising number of spam calls has become a pervasive nuisance for phone users. Having your phone number mark as spam can lead to numerous inconveniences and potential risks. In this article, we explore the implications of having […]