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But it is an  important element because you can use it to maximize the number of potential buyers. Although we operate Let me explain: If you market your online course and coaching in several different channels, you will reach people, but the numbers may be small. Multi-channel marketing also affects the fact that not all […]

Hiring hosting in Spain Now we

Ways to avoid diversity recruitment mistakes businesses need to be mindful of diversity mistakes when it comes to hiring. 1. Diversity is more than policy change recruiters should not think that changing policy to bring in different employees will do this, they need to be proactive in reaching out to different communities and groups to […]

List their shares on stock exchanges

Tags / keywords You can add several tags/keywords to one List their shares post. 5 – 10 is a suitable amount. However, try to keep the total number of keywords low. With just a Readers don’t like that there is only one post behind one tag. Although Google values categories more than tags, tags create […]

Advertising a company on social media

Tips and ideas for advertising your brand on Facebook and the tools that help you in this activity Working on awareness, creating new contacts, increasing customers and turnover… What is your goal? Many entrepreneurs have one or more of these goals. To reach them they know that they cannot do without social media . A […]

Telemarketing for quality appointments: what to do

Specific scripts for sales calls and mistakes to avoid for effective telemarketing “I travel a lot of kilometers and clients cancel their appointment at the last minute”. “Making appointments with really interested people is becoming impossible.” Do your agents, or you personally, experience these situations? It’s time to stop and change your approach . One […]

How to create a blog and earn money?

Tools and practical advice to create a successful blog and start monetizing More and more often you find yourself on your competitors’ blogs. And have started to wonder if you too could have the same success and, perhaps, even make money? You’re not alone in seeing the opportunity to monetize through blogging . And you’re […]

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Communication Transparency Main cookies is the key. Share your plan for dialogue with teammates. You can indicate the direction, visualize the schedule and discuss the challenges. Coordinating large or complex projects requires collaboration between multiple teams within the organization. The roadmap can help you track dependence and identify bottlenecks to ensure that you deliver on […]

Marketing for Luxury Brands

If your brand is about luxury bags, sophisticated jewelry, you manage luxury real estate or you are in the luxury segment in general, then your marketing must go to another level, in another direction. The name of this direction: marketing for luxury brands . You have already chosen to produce a product or offer a high-quality service . You’ve already targeted […]

Find the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Consider the basic routines and work habits of your industry. Do they sleep late or get up early? Try to get their attention when they are busiest. Writing and posting content on a fixed schedule will keep track of the traffic coming to your posts. You will also further develop your identity of providing the content from time to […]