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In the case of the United States, the percentage It is currently 14.5%, and also has an upward trend forecast. 6. ‘Goodbye to cookies’, a new era of data The end of cookies is more than announced , and more and more companies and advertising strategies are using their own data to enhance their campaigns, […]

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Campaigns become scalable For most retail media retailers, detailed work continues to be a challenge for the implementation of advertising on their platforms. This is why advertisers and agencies ask for tools that allow them to develop scalable campaigns. As Horizont points out , for the growth of retail media as an advertising channel, the […]

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With relevant brands such as The Body Shop, Foreo and others; The Miravia van will offer raffles, gifts and many surprises for all those who come to enjoy the experience. The e-commerce giant, Amazon , was one of those responsible for the popularization of retail media, but in recent years, added to the increase in […]

Lessons Learned from Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Leveraging Influencers

Successful affiliate marketing campaigns that incorporate influencers’ expertise have showcased the immense potential of this collaborative approach. Similarly, By analyzing these campaigns, we can extract valuable lessons that can guide future endeavors and maximize the impact of influencer-driven affiliate marketing. Body (150 words): Authenticity breeds trust: Authenticity is a fundamental factor in successful affiliate marketing […]