However the truth is different and I will return to

You might However the truth also like: 6 Digital Products You Can Make in a Week The launch team In addition to implementing all these marketing measures, I had a small but hardworking launch team. The purpose of the launch team was to tell and comment on publications related to the book on social media. […]

Things that are of utmost importance

This can be done by advertising job openings in various places and using various recruitment methods. 3. Assessment of applicants: in reviewing an application, it is important that the applicant is assessed on the basis of his qualifications and not on any other factor. This will help to ensure that the best candidates are selected, […]

When a public company lists

And that text fills the entire screen. Phew! effortlessness and   ease. And that white space. Give the reader’s eye a chance to rest while reading. Why is this important? Because the longer you keep the reader entertained in your post, the more it tells Google that you offer good content. Google’s sole mission is to […]

Advertising a company on social media

Tips and ideas for advertising your brand on Facebook and the tools that help you in this activity Working on awareness, creating new contacts, increasing customers and turnover… What is your goal? Many entrepreneurs have one or more of these goals. To reach them they know that they cannot do without social media . A […]

Telemarketing for quality appointments: what to do

Specific scripts for sales calls and mistakes to avoid for effective telemarketing “I travel a lot of kilometers and clients cancel their appointment at the last minute”. “Making appointments with really interested people is becoming impossible.” Do your agents, or you personally, experience these situations? It’s time to stop and change your approach . One […]

How to create a blog and earn money?

Tools and practical advice to create a successful blog and start monetizing More and more often you find yourself on your competitors’ blogs. And have started to wonder if you too could have the same success and, perhaps, even make money? You’re not alone in seeing the opportunity to monetize through blogging . And you’re […]

What types of cookies exist

For example, you may wish to What  include specific functions or cross-functional dependencies that will affect your plan. What part does the road map consist of? the components What types  of the road map will not vary from team to team. The details may be different, but the basic principles remain unchanged. The product roadmap […]

Marry UX And ​​SEO And Get To The First Page

We have talked about UX and how important it is. For SEO too. In this article we are going to combine UX and SEO and make our site “blow” . Or to be more precise to increase traffic, amazing user experience and ultimately create loyal customers and increase sales . Not bad, right?. Because in the end that’s the point. Marry UX And […]

Create Content Related to Your Niche and Expertise

This is one of the most underrated strategies. It is crucial to create and publish content related to your field of expertise. Otherwise, you’re just copy-pasting. A Related Your  someone else’s learning and values.  in your niche is the best way to stay authentic and engage viewers for deep and insightful inormation. Never be ashamed […]