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Decreases According to the average engagement rate the social network has begun to writers and show their videos in the fe more frequently. And there were no significant changes in indicators similar to previous years.  statistics of  showing that the social network has begun to stimulate the activity of new authors and show their videos more frequently in . This negatively impact the performance of larger and more popular authors but also significantly increas the volume of content on the social network. Additionally we found an unusual correlation when processing the raw statistics by posting time as indicat by the colors the social channels       and  had nearly identical activity times separat.

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By hours. Meanwhile for and  the highest Honduras B2B List activity occurs at a later time. and is younger so the surge in activity coincides with school time. Additionally video content may not be convenient to watch during work hours so older viewers use these social networks in the late afternoon. The decline in weekend and nighttime activity hasn’t chang anything for any social network. Clearly timing of posting still matters and the algorithmic delivery of news doesn’t have much of an impact on it. You can read in the full version Audience Activity on Social Mia Annual Research Research Sharing Annual Social Network User.

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Activity Social networks grow stronger every Agent Email List year and start to affect more and more areas of life. If at first users preferr one network or another now they prefer social networks. Networks are often complementary and users can use them in parallel to solve different problems. In this case it is no longer enough for a business to just copy the content through different channels it nes to be adapt remade and sometimes even present in a completely different form taking into account the.

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