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With if you have not set up in advance the collection of statistical data for the analysis system’s internal system. Statistics for exposure to target ads are collect in the export statistics section of the ad account: Export statistics for reports from the ad account  statistics to be upload: all ad uploads about spend budget impressions clicks Information on the number of times and click-through rate. community entry Information about the validity of the post: total reach subscriber reach budget spent transferr to groups click links complaints.

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Hide hide all group records. : Advertisement cabinet for the desir client; Reporting period and date; download document. Facebook and in the ad account you can create reports and upload them periodically updating only the date. To do this go to Ads French Guiana B2B List Manager in the Reports section set the necessary columns and select campaigns and save the report. To download the report click the Export button. My target has two types of statistics available: regular statistics and report designer. Create reports about the effectiveness of advertising in periodic reports. Select the requir metrics they are hidden in.

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The column settings section. Results are Agent Email List export to. Upload data from the upload to report wizard to display demographic data of the audience who interact with the ad. Selecting indicators in the report can set up automatic collection of reports and upload data if necessary or analyze them online. Set Up Upload Ads Report To Here you can customize the type of report: select Metrics all the data collect for your ads and Segments. Reports can be sav or export. Advertising Report Example Content Analysis Content evaluation is difficult: indicators are not obvious. Measures.

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