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Deplet too quickly limit the running of your campaign to the daily limit. If the review rejects the ad it will receive a reject status. eason for the rejection. How long does the review take Checking ads can take anywhere from a few hours to a day. The process can only be expit for large clients who communicate with social networks through a personal manager. To become a partner you ne to confirm your expertise in target advertising and spend a lot of money on advertising. The exact budget ne to connect the agency was not disclos. What to do if your ad is disapprov All ads on are review. This usually happens due to not following the rules.

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Sometimes the human element comes into Guatemala B2B List play  text don’t see the correct section on the site etc. This ad can be resubmitt for review. But the run button after rejection is only available after iting the ad. If you’re sure the ad complies with the rules make minor changes such as changing a dot to an exclamation point. Save changes and run the ad again it will go into review. Usually this behavior is enough to pass moderation. But the reason may be a violation of the rules. In this case follow the requirements of moderation. Yes temperance problems are easy to solve if you follow the rules in everything you do. Resolving issues with review Sometimes there are disput situations where you are sure the ad is correct but the ad is still reject.

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In this case please contact support. a few Agent Email List hours to two days but you will discuss the issue in detail send the necessary documentation and justify your actions. Ad Rules Detail conditions and rules for placing ads on google can be found in the help. advertise.  social mia. They will be referenc if a review considers your ad to be of low quality. The key points of the review rules require that the ad text must be written correctly. Use capital letters only for well-known abbreviations or trademarks. To confirm the latter please send a scann copy of your trademark registration certificate to support Profanity.

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