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Preferences of the audience of the site. The characteristics of user behavior in each network also do not remain the same behavioral  preferr content formats and access times change.competition among networks and unprictable external factors in 2019 have affect the normal life of most viewers. Changes in social rules changes in working hours movement restrictions etc. According to the results of 2019 the team prepar a report on Annual statistical research report on social mia audience engagement. The data is calculat from 100 million publications across 10000 different pages of 10000 brands companies entertainment communities and bloggers across 10000 social networks.

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And Douyin Characteristics of  engagements Jamaica B2B List likes comments dislikes shares etc. publication time volume of text page audience size content type pageviews etc. are taken into account. Year Study Full Version Russian Year Study Full Version English Year Social Mia Audience Activity Survey. Annual social mia activity survey. Annual social mia activity survey. The study of social activity. year network. General Approach The study is bas on an aggregat sample of depersonaliz data bas on the profiling results of users in the service. Only statistics for 2010 publications were consider; format-independent and stories or retrospective data of earlier dates were exclud. Furthermore underselect pages of publications that were properly account for in the statistics were not taken into account. Statistics are calculat bas on page views of publications.

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The usual engagement metrics are missing Agent Email List there likes comments etc. don’t have a lot of use. The findings are divid into sections. Audience activity by day of the week. Audience activity by time of day Audience activity. By volume of text in publication. Audience activity by day of week. Audience activity in publication by. Volume of text in publication Volume of Audience Activity Publication Text Volume and Time of Day Audience Activity Depends on Publication Content Average Participation Rate Depends on Audience Size Detail.

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