Not only in pairs but also alone

Not only this Czech auction portal is currently the largest online trading platform in the Czech Republic. The service has been operating on the local market since 2003 and after the first year of operation it had 7,000 users. Sale on the Czech Aukro is similar to that on Allegro. The user can list any […]

This way you do your own research

This way does work well is adding the press release as a Word document, so that journalists can easily copy it. Conclusion journalists never really have time. But with the above tips you help journalists by giving them time or by saving them time. And of course you help yourself with that in the end! […]

Nursing most expensive domains

 Nursing most of customers during the crisis What is customer breakdown? The idea of ​​dividing customers is to identify and separate uniform consumer groups. In other words, segmentation is a kind of assigning potential customers to specific groups characterizd by a specific value, reaction to the product/service and shopping preferences. The division is the basis […]

When a company starts an affiliate program

Basically, CTR is most often use in PPC ads to determine their effectiveness – by calculating the percentage of people who clicke on a specific link after it was displaye. In short, thanks to it, marketers are able to better understand customers and tailor the presente content to them. There is no black magic involve! […]

Host a Halloween costume contest

Host a Halloween This is a model that Hub Spot has defin as flywheel : a flywheel that generates new business opportunities and is fuel by the satisfaction of existing customers. Nurturing relationships Host a Halloween with existing customers isn’t about doing anything to make them happy, it’s about acting as a true partner and […]