What are the benefits of postal services to society

  E-commerce between consumer and company Through it, electronic marketing companies sell their products directly to the consumer, and people (producers) display their products to various companies and institutions. Postal services and their   individual and society Postal services are services that allow the transportation and delivery of letters, parcels and goods through the mail. Postal […]

What is meant by electronic commerce

  The concept of e-commerce is that it is a type of commerce in which buying and selling takes place over the Internet, and this industry depends on the use of digital and information technologies to facilitate and accelerate the processes of buying, selling and commercial exchange between individuals and companies. E-commerce offers a variety […]

One of the main advantages of e-commerce

Companies achieve expansion The advantages of e-commerce are many, and in this article we will talk about the benefits of e-commerce: and its most important benefits for companies, the consumer, and also for society. Introduction to e-commerce E-commerce is a group of commercial activities and transactions that take place through various means of the Internet. […]

How can I target the right customer in my ad

  We have collected for you, dear reader, in these lines some of the questions that may come to your mind about the difference between marketing, advertising and promotion: Is there a difference between copywriting and content writing? Yes, my dear, there is a difference between them, and this difference is that the advertisement is […]

The main goal of promotion

  Print advertising: This type of advertising is print  in newspapers, magazines, flyers and other print media. Print advertising relies on graphics and text to attract the audience’s attention. Media Advertising: Media advertising is used to promote a brand or promote a company through media appearances.  Learn: How to write a professional marketing plan The […]

The goal of marketing

Here it becomes clear to us the difference between marketing and advertising. What is the difference between promotion and marketing by presenting marketing objectives. See also: The difference between advertising and advertising pdf What is the difference between advertising and marketing? Marketing and advertising are important tools. The goal of marketing in the process of […]

Developing and distributing products

It is a group of processes and activities that discover customers’ desires. Purchasing trends, and work to develop a group of products. Or goods that satisfy their desires and bring the company more profit within a short period. The difference between marketing. Advertising and promotion appears in that marketing is the general concept. That covers […]

Commercial advertising aims

Promotion objectives The main and primary goal of the promotion process is to spread. The brand and obtain a sales boost in a short time. Companies achieve this by working to increase demand for the products offered by their brand, and thus sales increase and profits are achieved. The difference between marketing, advertising and promotion […]

The main idea of ​​promotion

Definition of promotion Promotion is known as a multi-form element, and it is an interactive element with other marketing elements, and it works to achieve the process of communication between companies and the goods or services they provide, The main idea of ​​promotion and between consumers and to clarify the idea that works to satisfy […]

Empowering business owners

Get support and participation Among the benefits of social media are the following: Some studies confirm that revealing and expressing personal problems, obtaining support from others, or listening to their experiences in solving the same problem are among the benefits of social media, and make it easier for the individual to overcome the experience more […]

Magazines and newspapers

  Advertising is a means of promotion that enables a specific message. To be deliver to a large number of customers in a short time. The quality of the commercial advertisement design is a crucial factor in attracting attention and increasing interest in the promoted product or service. We will explain to you the difference […]

The difference between advertising and marketing

The concept of advertising, promotion and marketing Advertising, promotion and marketing are all means of promoting a brand, company or  commercial product, The difference between advertising and marketing conveying the general idea to target customers and motivating them to buy. But each of them differs from the other, and in general, marketing constitutes the umbrella […]