Optimizing Voice Search:

As search increasingly moves to mobile devices, the number of voice searches is understandably on the rise. Therefore, it is very important to start looking at voice search optimization and include this type of optimization Optimizing Voice in your marketing (and therefore SEO) strategy. Who is Voice Search Optimization for. As I indicated above, voice […]

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Influencer marketing is an effective way to strengthen your brand image. If you want to use influencer marketing effectively, you ne to identify the right influencer, build a relationship with them, plan your strategy and monitor the results. We hope this beginner’s guide will help you use influencer marketing to boost your brand image. DIGITAL […]

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Learn new programming languages. A Content Marketing Coordinator should know programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to be able to create and manage content on the internet. . Learn new analytics tools. A Content Marketing Coordinator should be familiar with analytics tools such as Google Analytics to be able to monitor and analyze […]

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Still, it has given people a chance to test work from home. So what do the stats support: working from home or working in the office? Employee productivity metrics A BCG study found that 75% of workers surveyd across three countries put their productivity when working from home at the same level as before the […]

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Community Challenges While working with the FITECH brand, the biggest challenge was to prepare a coherent and comprehensive sales support strategy, brand building as well as effective communication with clients. All activities had to be consistent with the vision of a modern and innovative company, which is FITECH. Are you a leader in your industry? […]

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Top hashtags on Instagram – track hashtags with Instagram finder Following hashtags on Instagram As a former tennis player, I love to browse through shots from tennis matches and Instagram is the source that provides the most content. Fortunately, since December 2017, we can easily view hashtags on Instagram. Explore tab If we are talking […]