By accumulating points you can

Service leaves a lot to be desir and people aren’t ready to recommend you You offer a service that makes people uncomfortable not wanting to talk about using it.  We create a link that people will send to their friends and invite them to the channel We hang a pinn post in the channel that lists the number of invitees as a bonus for people clicking the link to go to the bot and enter the channel. In the channel we regularly host drawings for our partners. In the bot we provide a link that people can send to their friends to invite them.

How to organize an affiliate program

To the channel.  a bonus.  pay for services Antigua and Barbuda B2B List in proportion to the rubles of the points. Or one can withdraw points to the card in proportion to the rubles of the points. For one lead invit to the channel and bot the company will award points. If the invitee performs the target action also starts inviting people the person who invit him will gain more point. If the invitee purchases the product the inviter will receive additional points. Imagine that a client invites a friend to come to us and he orders a one-off service worth rubles. The customer gets points for this friend the invitee gets points because he also invites his friends and buys services. He can withdraw them to a card or use them to buy gift services for himself for.

B2B Email List

Everyone who clicks on the link gets

Example a massage worth rubles. The customer Agent Email List has a feeling of benefit and the company’s services cost rubles. This way you can automate word of mouth and get customer referrals without spending too much money on customer acquisition. Tips and tricks for copywriters bestselling authors persuasive marketing agencies to sell your posts. How to write text tips for crafting sales posts The copywriter and director of a persuasive marketing agency shares his serious advice for St. Petersburg. This article explains how to make your sales posts fun.

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