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Community Challenges While working with the FITECH brand, the biggest challenge was to prepare a coherent and comprehensive sales support strategy, brand building as well as effective communication with clients. All activities had to be consistent with the vision of a modern and innovative company, which is FITECH. Are you a leader in your industry? Check how to get more customers. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Scope of cooperation Our tasks include: Audit and analysis of competitors’ marketing activities.

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Competitive research allows you to better understand what other similar products or services are available on the market. In addition, it allows you to verify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. As a result, we receive full information Latest Mailing Database about the communication channels use, PR campaigns and SEO activities. Preparation of a coherent and comprehensive marketing strategy What is a marketing strategy? In other words, all the goals and marketing tasks of the company combine into one comprehensive plan. In addition, the strategy of sales support, brand building and effective communication with customers contain many other important elements.

Latest Mailing Database

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It includes brand distinguishing features, a description of target groups, as well as communication tools and channels that we will use during the implementation of the campaign. Ideal Customer Profile Identifying the most important Agent Email List customer groups is a very important step in building a strategy. By distinguishing several separate groups, we can efficiently plan communication that will allow us to reach precisely selecte recipients. By the way, we ask ourselves: What does the target group expect? We also think about how we want to reach it. Referral marketing References are an auxiliary tool for traders when negotiating contracts.

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