Activity by post text length and day

Term is equal The average activity on the website depends on the length of the text in the post and the annual data is dominat by mium-siz posts. Long posts came in second in terms of the amount of activity they receiv while short texts prov to be the least engaging on the site. of text in a post. Short posts have the most activity and long posts have the least activity. Long SMS Lead All active ones are receiv by them. Mium-siz posts account for the most activity while short posts attract the least number of users . Long texts are also leading on Twitter   while short posts are at the bottom in terms of activity  . The average activity.

Average activity bas on the length

On Facebook depends on the length of the text Hungary Phone Number List in the post. Mium long texts get more activity accounting for all activity and mium-length texts get more reactions. On google short texts dominate while long texts have the least share of engagement.  popular across all sites accounting for 100% of all activity. Responses receiv for Chinese text responses receiv for short text. Long texts have traditionally been significantly less active in social networks  and  where entertainment topics dominate. The average activity across all social networks depends on the length of the text in the post yearly data text length and the day of the week on which activity increases for short text posts on weekends. On Monday long texts were in the lead.

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On average long text is more

Exist On Sunday long text messages saw higher engagement during the week but were overtaken by short text messages on Sundays.  of the week with short text leading the week in the 2019 data but interest in long text entries spik on Fridays. For and the day of the week does not affect the popularity of texts of a certain length long texts always Agent Email List lead. Activity on Facebook depends on the length of the text in the post and the day of the week. In the 2019 data long text messages consistently get more engagement during the week with.

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